Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag
Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag
Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag
Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag
Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag
Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag
Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag

Kids Gardening 12 Pc. Tools Set with Tote Bag

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Interactive Small Garden Tool Set

Your child will have a blast making their exploration on their own with this set of educational gardening toy tools set. These toddlers' outside toys are inspired to have real garden tools for kids to carry out pretend plays and learning activities.

Fine Motor Skill Development

This kids’ toolset allows digging, planting, garden watering, and transporting their favorite gardening accessories in the basket while having fun outdoors. It will help your child develop their fine motor skills as they explore the dirt in your backyard.

High-Quality and Built to Last

The durable materials made of steel, wood, and plastic will hold up to your muddy garden munchkins. It can withstand your child's rough digging and gardening with these multifunctional outdoor play equipment for kids.

Suitable For Kids Ages 3 & Above

This gardening kit will fuel kids’ imaginations and creativity. This flower garden building toy is sure to delight children, both boys, and girls, who love to play in nature and learn about the world around them.

Adjustable & Secure Fitting

Let your child experience gardening in style and comfort with the adjustable waist strap and drawstring on its apron and sun hat. This lets your child move more freely and securely in place as they move around.

Perfect Gift for Little Gardeners

From basic digging to planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables, this is a tool for your little one to awaken his/her knack for gardening! You will never be wrong in giving this as a birthday gift, toddler’s outdoor gift, and a summer gift for kids.

What You Will Get

  • 1 Sun Hat
  • 1 Gardening Apron
  • 1 Rake
  • 1 Shovel
  • 1 Spade
  • 1 Spray Bottle
  • 1 Watering Can
  • 1 Gardening Gloves
  • 3 Plant Tags
  • 1 Garden Tote Bag




    • KIDS’ OUTDOOR PLAYSET FOR GARDENING. Reward your kids with this one of the best toddler toy sets that encourage kids to learn about plants and develop a sense of nature while helping mom and dad in the garden. Help your kids grow with these exciting kids’ summer toys for outdoor or indoor garden and plant nursery.
    • PLANTING TOOLS FOR HOLISTIC GROWTH. This kid’s plant growing kit assists in developing imagination, socialization, language, motor planning, & problem-solving skills while they are having fun with their peers and family. Setup natural learning opportunities with these outside toys for kids ages 4-8 or even younger.
    • FUNCTIONAL MINI GARDEN TOOLS. These outside toys for kids ages 3-6 or above are great to achieve hands-on learning with its child-sized sun hat, garden apron, an enchanted watering can, gardening gloves, spray bottle, 3 plant tags and metal/wood spade, soil/sand rake, kids’ shovel for digging and a garden tote bag.
    • PERFECT FOR EVERY LITTLE GARDENER. This toy for toddlers is a must-have for any budding gardener, regardless of gender. Girls and boys alike can definitely have hours of fun with these summer toys for kids ages 4-8 or even younger.
    • UNIQUE EDUCATIONAL GARDENING GIFT. Give this outside play equipment for kids that can assist in holistic development. This summer gift for kids lets them create special memories and long-term learning. This can be more than just a toddler's outdoor toy but a catalyst for further growth and development.
    • Plastic
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