Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset
Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset
Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset
Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset
Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset
Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset
Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset

Play Brainy 32-Piece Tool Playset

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➤ Have you been searching for a toy to give to your little boy or girl that is tons of fun and will help with their early development?

➤ Aren’t you sick and tired of kids toys that look great in pictures only to find out that they’re made from cheap, unsafe materials?

If either of those questions has you nodding your head in agreement, then you’re going to love this 32-Piece Tool Set with Travel Suitcase!

Play time is about to get a big time upgrade with this set! Your little boy or girl will be busy for hours working away on their very own workbench. Give them little tasks to do and they’ll work diligently to get them done. The entire set is a ton of fun but also very safe for kids. Although they’ll be working with “tools,” there’s nothing included that’s sharp or dangerous.

Product Features and Benefits:

🔨 Compact, portable handyman work station

🔩 Turns into a cool rolling storage suitcase

🔨 Packed with exciting pretend tools & accessories

🔩 Suitable for boys and girls ages 3 and up

🔨 Made from BPA-free, non-toxic materials

🔩 Outstanding gift idea that always gets a ton of use

🔨 No special tools needed for assembly

🔩 Comes with an Ironclad Lifetime Warranty

Why Choose Play Brainy?

Our mission at Play Brainy is to inspire your child’s imagination and stimulate a fun learning experience, especially during playtime!

We believe that play is the perfect opportunity for young kids to develop essential skills. They can have fun with their toys while improving hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, sharing, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, while letting their inner creativity and imagination run wild.

You and your child are going to love our full line of toys. They’re unlike anything else you have in your playroom right now. Guaranteed.


  • 👷 PACKED WITH MORE TOYS THAN OTHER SETS: This toddlers tool bench set has it all! Your little boy or girl can have a blast playing with a pretend power tool saw, hammer, screwdriver, bolts, cogs, and gears. You can give them some projects to work on with their toolset.

    🚧 TRANSFORMS INTO A KID'S ROLLING SUITCASE: When play time is over, the entire work bench play set converts into a hard travel suitcase! This is such a neat feature. It not only makes cleanup time a breeze but lets kids bring this toy with them when on-the-go.

    👷 MAKES AN EXCELLENT GIFT FOR ALL KIDS: Toddler boys and girls both love this toolkit. Surprise a lucky child in your life with this set for their birthday or during the holidays. This set is not only fun but will help kids build their confidence and curiosity!

    🚧 LEARNING & FUN ALL-IN-ONE? YOU BETCHA: There’s no doubt that these learning toys are loads of fun, but the benefits extend far beyond a playtime activity. It’s great for helping to develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, sharing, fine/gross motor skills, and more.

    👷 INCLUDES A NO-HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Play Brainy, quality is not a goal; it’s a promise. We use the highest quality, non-toxic materials when building our children’s toys. We’re so confident in the quality that we back every order with a Lifetime Warranty.



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