Play Brainy 96-Piece Stacking Peg Game
Play Brainy 96-Piece Stacking Peg Game
Play Brainy 96-Piece Stacking Peg Game
Play Brainy 96-Piece Stacking Peg Game
Play Brainy 96-Piece Stacking Peg Game

Play Brainy 96-Piece Stacking Peg Game

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Play Brainy™ Peg Stacking Game – 96-Piece Set


Looking for a fun Montessori toy that helps spark your child’s creativity as they learn and play?


Want to give your child and early head start on developing essential creative thinking and motor skills?


Presenting ★ Play Brainy™ Peg Building Blocks Toy★


At Play Brainy™, we’re always committing ourselves 100% towards designing fun and unique learning toys that can help children everywhere develop important critical thinking skills while also expanding their creative mindset. That’s why with our stacking peg game, your children along with the help of their friends and family, can develop important skills such as hand-to-eye coordination, color matching, and visual perception. Each peg building block piece is designed to easily stack on top of one another or attach on all four sides, allowing your little one to build whatever comes to mind, while also exercising their problem-solving skills.


Being a Montessori toy, our peg stacking toy game gives your children a hands-on learning experience that lets them flex their creative muscles by making exciting creations. Plus, this stacking peg toy also lets them get a jumpstart on important STEM skills. These include adding basic math and geometry, as well as the fundamentals of engineering, thanks to each peg stacking toy being attachable to each other on all sides. This unique feature lets your child create unique models, shapes, and other fun designs.


Need more reasons to choose us?

  • Our peg building blocks have been made using entirely child-safe materials with no toxic materials.
  • Ideal STEM toy for children ages 3 and up.
  • Our peg stacking toy is a fantastic gift idea to give on Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, and other special occasions, for their children and students.


Let your child create as they learn with the Play Brainy™ Stacking Peg Building Blocks Game, today!


  • 👨‍⚕️y.

    • EXCITING 96-PIECE PEG STACKING GAME – This stacking peg toy game comes with 96 individual peg building blocks, each in a variety of bright and fun colors. These peg stacking toys are also easy to use by slotting them on top or attaching next to each other.
    • LETS YOUR CHILD EXPRESS THEIR CREATIVITY – Thanks to these stacking peg toys’ ability to easily connect to one another, they’re a fantastic Montessori toy that can help your young child develop a sense of creativity and create various shapes and designs.
    • AN IDEAL STEM DEVELOPMENT TOY – With this peg stacking game’s 96 colorful peg building blocks providing limitless ways to stack and attach them; they make for an excellent STEM toy for helping teach your child critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • DEVELOPS IMPORTANT MOTOR SKILLS – Our stacking peg game is an ideal learning toy for helping toddlers and children ages 3 and up develop important motor skills such as hand-to-eye coordination, visual perception skills, and visual motor coordination.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with our stacking peg game, then simply contact our customer service experts at any time and we’ll send you a new replacement or full refund. No questions asked!
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